What is Quarterly Projects?

IEEE Quarterly Projects is your path to a great project experience. Over the course of 10 weeks (4 - 5 hours per week), you will be working with other students and an assigned mentor to create a truly AMAZING hardware/software product! Similar to an internship or job setting, there will be multiple opportunities to gain hands on experience that can be incredible milestones for your career. We also host bi-weekly work parties with exciting workshops like Arduino, Mobile Development, SolidWorks, and more!


We have decided to move operations over to ieeeqp2020.devpost.com/ since the competition will be hosted online all Spring 2020! Please visit the link and register for the competition, so we know you are competing. We will be giving out over $1500 in prize money to winning teams, so make sure to apply!

What is QP++?

QP++ is the more advanced version of regular Quarterly Projects competition. This program will run in parallel to QP, and we will expect more of its participants. Not only will QP++ teams receive more budget, but also they will be expected to create technically challenging and innovative products that can be sold on the market.


QP++ will not be held this quarter. Instead, it will be merged with QP so that it is one big competition.

How Do I Apply?

What if I Get Accepted?

This quarter, everyone can register to compete in this competition, regardless of your major, technical ability, etc. All you have to do is register on DevPost, and fill out a team registration form!

When is the Kickoff?

There will be no kickoff this quarter.

Contact us:

Email: ieee.ucsd.project@gmail.com

Facebook Page: IEEE UCSD FB